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Function and Style

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Two primary factors when choosing wall blocks

FUNCTION - Segmental retaining wall blocks fit most applications. From 1 foot high to 40 feet high, these systems are engineered to last forever. Larger block walls are usually suited for extreme situations or where excavation of the existing slope is not possible.

STYLE - Concrete wall blocks have come a long way in the past 10 years. Many manufacturers offer blended colors and multi sized blocks to add to the "natural look." Add some creative designs and quality installation for awesome results.

Our Portfolio

Featured Projects

We have installed retaining walls for residences, businesses, and municipal clients for the past two decades and have become well known for our walls. All of the photos on this site are of projects we have designed and installed.

If you have a problem to solve with a retaining wall or would like to add a wall as a landscape feature, call or email us, there is never a charge for quotes.